Trainee Recruitment.

Carson McDowell is Northern Ireland’s most dynamic law firm. We have more expert solicitors working in more specialist areas than any other law firm in Northern Ireland. We are proud to act for the most prestigious and successful companies and organisations operating within the jurisdiction and continue to innovate and find new ways to advise and assist clients to achieve their goals.

Our people

We believe that the most critical element in the firm’s success story is the quality of its people. Carson McDowell has a proven commitment to attract the brightest and best talent. We also recognise, however, that it is even more important to develop, nurture and retain that talent for the long run. As such, the firm has developed a structured training programme designed to ensure that trainees:

  • Understand better the role and responsibilities of a solicitor in a leading legal firm;
  • Gain experience across a wide range of legal specialisms;
  • Interact with lawyers at all levels (from newly-qualified solicitors to our managing partner and senior partner) to gain valuable insights into the practice of law from a variety of different perspectives;
  • Discover where their future career interests lie through hands-on experience in the relevant legal areas; and
  • Develop and then hone the skills that they will need for their future career.

Our trainees are provided with tremendous opportunities to work with the best legal minds on exciting and high-profile matters and transactions. The dedicated training programme that we offer is designed to ensure that trainees have all of the support, training and feedback needed to make the most of those opportunities.

We understand that this is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your career and you want to make the best choice that you can. We firmly believe that joining Carson McDowell is the right decision for bright and ambitious candidates who want to work with the best people.

Structure of the training programme

Over the course of the programme, a trainee solicitor will complete a number of seats within the firm, rotating through a number of teams and departments including: corporate; commercial; real estate; commercial litigation and media; banking and finance; and planning and environmental law.

The timetable is structured to ensure that each trainee has an equal amount of “in-office” experience in each seat, taking account of the timetable of the Institute of Professional Legal Studies.

We believe that this gives each of our trainees the best start in their legal career. With a greater number of specialists in a wider number of areas than any other law firm in Northern Ireland, we believe that a training contract with Carson McDowell offers each trainee an unparalleled opportunity to explore different areas of practice and to work out, through practical experience, exactly where their talents lie and what their future career paths should be.

Support and mentoring

The ethos and culture of Carson McDowell is friendly and supportive. Trainees work closely with partners, solicitors and other trainees and team-work is an essential part of our success.

There is a system of mentoring and support at all stages through the training contract, ensuring that trainees have the opportunity to give and provide input and feedback within each seat of the firm. It also ensures that a tailored development programme can be put together for each trainee, setting development goals and targets and identifying particular areas (both in terms of skills and practice areas) on which the trainee would like to focus.

Who should apply?

Our training contract process is open to applicants who have a conditional offer of a place from the Institute of Professional Legal Studies.

How do you apply?

The application process is now closed for graduate trainee positions with Carson McDowell for Autumn 2022.