Carson McDowell Fundraising Helps to Bring Safe, Clean Water to a Madagascan Village

27 July 2015


On 15th June 2015 a safe, clean water system, financed by Carson McDowell and the Adsum Foundation, was inaugurated in the Madagascan village of Ampanataovana Atsimo. Present at the ceremony was the country’s Minister for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene as well as Secretary General at the Ministry, a representative of the District Head, the Acting Mayor, her officials and advisors, the ex-Mayor, the Parliamentary Assistants of local MPs, (Members of the National Assembly) the Village Head and Elders and a sizeable crowd of villagers.

In the inauguration's opening speech the Village Head said the population had waited a long time for this day. Many charities had promised to help in the past, but only Carson McDowell and the Adsum Foundation had delivered. He recalled how hard and dangerous it had been previously for women and children to collect water, involving carrying heavy buckets and jerry cans up a steep slippery path.

He expressed his deep and sincere thanks to Carson McDowell and the Adsum Foundation for providing the funds for the water installation - without which the villagers would still be struggling several times each day to collect water. As is traditional he demonstrated the population's appreciation by presenting Carson McDowell and Adsum (through the Madagascan Development Fund) with gifts of locally grown bananas, tomatoes and garlic, and said that they were nothing compared with the joy and relief from hardship that had been given to the villagers.

In between speeches the guests were entertained with traditional songs and dances by the villagers - which included a song written especially for the occasion which said that the new water system was "An important part of the history of Ampanataovana Atsimo, and that the generosity of Carson McDowell and the Adsum Foundation would be remembered and spoken of by future generations".

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The pictures below show villagers enjoying the new clean water system on the day of its inauguration.