Carson McDowell supports Arts & Business NI's crucial training initiative

13 March 2018

Author: Rosie Timoney


Carson McDowell has been involved with the arts for a number of years. The firm is active on the boards of local arts organisations through A&B NI’s Professional Development Programmes including a number of participants on the A&B NI Young Professionals on Arts Boards Programme. This support combined with our breadth of legal expertise meant it was a natural step to develop the relationship with Arts & Business NI by providing pro bono governance training on the Arts & Business NI Young Professionals on Arts Boards Programme.

The Young Professionals on Arts Boards Programme places professionals from the corporate world onto the Boards of Arts organisations. The benefit is mutual – the new board members develop their leadership skills in a different environment, while the charitable arts organisation taps into the specialist skillset of their newest member.

In addition to this exchange of skills, the young professionals get the excitement and distinction of sitting on a cultural Board of Directors, and also the knowledge that they are giving something back to the community.

Carson McDowell recognises that participation in the programme enhances the skillset of the individuals involved. This in turn benefits the firm as those individuals grow in confidence and skill in working with clients and other professionals.

Michael Johnston, Managing Partner, Carson McDowell. “Carson McDowell is delighted to be supporting Arts & Business NI’s Young Professionals on Arts Boards 2017-2018 programme which is a practical way to develop young talent and give back to the community.

We have been placing our young talent on this training programme for 10 years and it is a natural progression that a past participant and employee of Carson McDowell is delivering the pro bono training this year.

We wish all the participants the very best in their careers and would commend them for volunteering their time and skills to support our local arts sector. Carson McDowell believe that the arts matter.”