Carson McDowell GDPR seminar series - Putting The Pieces Together.

Notification of personal data breaches and fines

18 January 2018

From a high level perspective, one of the key differences which is going to be introduced by the GDPR is a legal obligation to report certain types of data breaches to a relevant supervisory authority as well as (in certain circumstances) an obligation to notify individuals affected by the data breach. This is a departure from the current data protection regulations which do not impose a strict legal obligation to report personal data breaches.

With regards to fines, the potential fines which can be levied against an organisation in breach of its obligations under the GDPR are much more significant than under the current data protection regulations, with an infringement being capable of attracting a fine of up to 2% of total global annual turnover or €10m (whichever is the higher). Pleased that Joanne Cracknell and Harry Weir from Willis Towers Watson are joining us as keynote speakers for this event.