Competition Law - Why it is relevant to you

23 May 2013

Practice Area: EU and Competition

Competition Law - Why it is relevant to you

Thursday, May 23rd 2013 from 12pm - 2pm, James Street South Restaurant, Belfast.


Dorit McCann, Head of EU, Competition and Regulatory Law at Carson McDowell;

Ingrid Bukovics, Office of Fair Trading;

Margaret Gray, Barrister with Brick Court Chambers.


Dorit McCann, Head of EU, Competition and Regulatory Law at Carson McDowell, is delighted to invite you to a Competition Law lunch that Carson McDowell are running on behalf of CBI on Thursday the 23rd of May 2013.

This briefing will focus on the following topics:

An overview of how competition law applies to prohibition on anti-competitive agreements: Dorit McCann (Carson McDowell)

Dorit will look at agreements between competitors, e.g. joint ventures, trade associations, and agreements between companies at different levels of the distribution chain, e.g. manufacturers and distributors. There will be practical guidance on how to deal with non-compete clauses, exchanges of information as well as price restrictions, e.g. resale price maintenance.

An overview of the prohibition on abuse of a dominant position: Margaret Gray (Brick Chambers)

Margaret will give guidance for potentially dominant companies on how to stay on the right side of competition law as well as guidance for smaller companies who may come up against a dominant company. Margaret will look at refusals to supply as well as the ability of dominant companies to offer discounts and engage in predatory pricing.

The OFT’s approach to pricing, including price relationship agreements: Ingrid Bukovics (OFT)

Ingrid will be able to share with us the Office of Fair Trading’s approach to pricing practices including price relationship agreements, e.g. “we will beat any price”.


If you would like to attend please contact Stephen Maguire from the Carson McDowell events team at [email protected] or by phone to Stephen Maguire on 028 90 348 815. Alternatively contact Mavis Black at CBI Northern Ireland at [email protected] or by phone on 028 90 101 100.