New Food Labelling Law to Bite on Restaurants and Takeaways

28 August 2014


On 13 December 2014, a new EU Regulation will come into force that will require food business operators that sell non pre-packed food, including restaurants and takeaways, to provide customers with information concerning the presence of allergens in their food.

The Regulation is concerned with 14 named allergens, including fish, peanuts, milk and eggs. Customers must be informed where these allergens are intentionally used as ingredients in a food product.

This information can be provided, in the case of restaurants, on menus or on behind  the counter boards in takeaways, provided the information is easily accessible, clear, visible and legible.

The penalties for non-compliance are not yet clear although criminal sanctions are possible.

Food business operators must act now to ensure that their food displays and menus contain the relevant information by 13 December 2014. They should  also review their contractual arrangements with suppliers to ensure that suppliers are under an obligation to provide the allergen information necessary to enable compliance with the Regulation.

For more information please contact Dawn McKnight or another member of our Food and Agriculture Team.