The Digital Economy Needs a Gene Roddenberry

03 July 2014

Author: Dawn McKnight
Sector: Technology


Trekkers around the world applaud the foresight of Gene Roddenberry. He instinctively knew the Federation Council should impose a warp factor 5 speed limit to prevent high velocity space travel distorting the space time continuum - the serious fans amongst you will appreciate why I haven’t used the term “Trekkies”.  

It’s a shame that those trying to regulate our global digital economy haven’t displayed the same visionary genius but to be fair, it’s hardly surprising given the pace of change being driven by our constant need for something new. As Steve Wozniak put it, people constantly want new apps which they can instantly use without having to learn how to and without having to read the rule book.

When you think about how we traditionally approach regulation in the western world, it’s no wonder we’re struggling to control the digital economy:

The plodding pace of traditional regulation simply doesn’t fit the pace of growing consumer demand for all things new and digital – it’s like sending a Ferengi to do battle with a Klingon.

The more time passes, the further behind the regulation falls and as the EU Commission awakes to the need to boldly go where no legislative body has gone before, the digital community watches with intrigue to see when and how it plans to do just that. As Mr. Spock would say, fascinating! 

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