QUB Careers in Law Insight Programme

30 May 2019


Thirty law students from Queen’s University Belfast visited Carson McDowell today (30th May 2019) to take part in a QUB Careers in Law Insight event.

The students had the opportunity to try out being a commercial lawyer for the day by taking part in a series of team activities. The activities required the students to provide legal advice to a fictional client using real life scenarios across various aspects of law including corporate, banking, property, employment and litigation. The teams then prepared a presentation to one of the firm’s partners as the prospective client, outlining their advices on a chosen area of law with the successful “firm” of students being chosen by the client, their group of advisers and the students’ peers. The skills-based session was specifically designed to test the commercial awareness of the students and hopefully, inspire them to undertake a career in a commercial legal practice.

Roger McMillan, Managing Partner at Carson McDowell, said: "We are always delighted to have the opportunity to interact with the next generation of lawyers. The QUB Careers in Law Insight Programme is a fantastic opportunity for budding solicitors to get a sense of what life in a commercial law firm is like. They also get the chance to speak to lawyers practising across a range of disciplines and the opportunity to ask them valuable questions about a legal career and the journey to get there. The Carson McDowell team were particularly struck by the calibre and enthusiasm of the students who took part in today’s event. Given the calibre of today’s guests, the future of the legal profession over the next few years looks very bright indeed.”