UK Intellectual Property Office Announces Release of “Lambert 2”

14 October 2016

Author: Aaron Roddy
Practice Area: Intellectual Property
Sector: Education


The UK Intellectual Property Office (the “UKIPO”) has announced the release of “Lambert 2”, which builds upon the “Lambert Toolkit”, a series of model collaboration agreements aimed at facilitating collaboration between universities and businesses across the UK that wish to undertake research projects with each other. The model agreements serve as a starting point for the negotiation process, enabling the parties to agree the basic principles of a project as well as identifying any major issues early on, allowing for the early identification of solutions. Each model agreement envisages a different set of non-sector specific circumstances and can be adapted to meet the details of a particular collaborative project.

The UKIPO’s announcement is good news for both universities and businesses as Lambert 2 should serve as a valuable reference for simplifying the negotiation of collaboration agreements by providing adaptable examples of best practice whilst also reducing the time, cost and effort required to secure an agreement.