Utility Regulator published information note on No-Deal Brexit and REMIT Contingency Arrangements

06 February 2019

Author: Neasa Quigley


In the event of a no deal Brexit, UK based electricity market participants (which include Northern Irish market participants) will be obliged to re-register with a National Regulatory Authority in which they are active in order to trade anywhere in the European Union. The Utility Regulator of Northern Ireland has confirmed today if the UK leaves the EU in a no-deal Brexit, that for the purpose of the single-electricity market in Ireland, the existing registration of all market participants who are currently registered with CRU in Ireland, Ofgem or with the Regulatory Authority of another EU Member state in accordance with Article 9(1) of REMIT, will be recognised by the Utility Regulator and they will not need to re-register until otherwise directed by the Utility Regulator.