Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) provides a right to secure the disclosure of certain information and imposes a duty on public authorities to disclose that information.

The aim behind FOIA was to make government more transparent by giving the public the ability to find out more about how decisions were made. FOIA has largely achieved this aim by:

  • Enabling members of the public to be more informed about the way administrative decisions are made and the basis for those decisions
  • Allowing people to find out what information instruments of government hold
  • Creating a level of transparency which holds government and other public bodies to account by allowing the public to request information revealing maladministration
  • Forcing public authorities to be more disciplined in the way in which the record information

We assist public authorities with their response to FOIA requests, individuals and organisations seeking information, and companies who are working for a public authority and find that a request has been made in respect of their information.